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Kids: Read this before you disturb me!

I’m having 20 minutes ‘me time’ – so kids, follow these simple steps before you break down the bathroom door:

  1. Is there anybody in our family with a life threatening illness or injury? If the answer is no perhaps Dad can assist you instead?
  2. Need help locating and/or identifying Dad? No problem! Dad is usually located on or near to a soft furnishing i.e. the sofa. He is the person who buys you McDonalds for dinner, doesn’t care that your bedroom resembles a crime scene and can burp the alphabet for your pleasure and entertainment.
  3. Now that you have located Dad, ask the following question:
    Is he responding to your request or complaint? If not – DON’T PANIC. Dad is probably just engrossed in the Disney film that you lost interest in half an hour ago. Say the word ‘Dad’ in a desperate and whiney tone (approximately 15 times) and he should acknowledge your presence.
  4. Now that you’ve got your Dad’s attention, relay to him your complaint or requirement. Make it clear and simple – Dad will still be half concentrating on the Disney film. Nevertheless, he should be able to assist you.Fun Fact Alert: Your Dad has 50% parental responsibility and CAN make you drink while I’m trying to relax! Who knew?!!
  5. Hopefully your issue has now been resolved and Mum has not been disturbed.If however you still need to liaise with me, go ahead. There is part of me that secretly likes playing eye spy while I’m in the bath or discussing the wonders of the solar system. I guess there are some things that even Dads can’t help with 🙂


A good humoured, hard working, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of mum.

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